I Have Food Allergies Allergy Bracelet for Kids Teal 2pcs

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I Have Food Allergies Allergy Bracelet for Kids Teal 2pcs
ALLERGY ALERT, ALLERGY AWARERNESS: “I HAVE . PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME” Alert silicone bracelets (TODDLER SIZE 6” Circumference) or wristbands TEAL color and “ Medical Alert Epipen Inside ” Bag Tag for backpack is designed to give extra awareness and to help others find the Epipen right away.
KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE while in school, daycare, fieldtrips, or those other times when you cannot personally supervise them. This is also good to use during parties, big holiday or church gatherings or other occasions when there are many food options available.
EASILY SEEN AND NOTICED: The TEAL color (which represents Food Allergy Awareness) of these Bracelets or wristbands with the White Bold and All-caps text also are easily noticed to give awareness about the Food Allergy. The 1.25 inch diameter of this Bag Tag Zipper-pull charm is the right size, enough to be easily seen and noticed, but small and light enough for the zipper of your bag, backpack, wallet or pouch.
2 PIECES Bracelets plus 2 PIECES Epipen Inside Bag Tag: Either have extra set at home, in the car, bag, school, etc. Or wear both bracelets at the same time. 2 PIECES of this “Medical Alert Epipen Inside” Bag Tag Zipper pull charms for your 2 epipens.
EXCELLENT QUALITY: Bracelets are silicone wristbands with debossed color filled text. Epipen Inside Tags are smooth, and high-gloss mylar finish, with a removable metal hook. MADE IN THE USA. Designed and Manufactured by UltraBeatusDesigns.